Monday, 21 July 2014

More New Additions

Our broody hen has been sitting on a few eggs, usually she is a good mum and rears the chicks really well. This year we don't know what went wrong but its been a bit of a disaster as she got disturbed and came off the nest and wouldn't go back on. Unfortunately some of the hatched chicks got cold and perished, also there were three eggs that were hatching so we had to quickly put them in the incubator. They all hatched but two were a bit weak, so the strongest one went out with the hen while the other two gained a bit of strength. Sadly a neighbours part feral cat got one of the chicks that was outside and the weakest chick in the incubator didn't recover which was very sad. So out of  8 eggs we ended ended up with just three chicks they are really tiny still but very very cute. 

mother hen

baby chick and mother chicken


I took these pictures this morning and my labrador decided she also should come out and play so the chicks decided to hide in the undergrowth in their pen. 
Chirpy aka Godzilla has been moved out of quail pen as he was getting quite big and put in with the chickens. I was trying to get a photo but he was hiding away from the other hens as they are beating him up. The ducklings have also grown a lot and are still cute and comical. It won't be long before their feathers come through and they will no longer be yellow and fluffy. 

aylesbury ducklings

Until next time
Vic xx