Monday, 7 July 2014

Baby ducks.

I really thought we wouldn't have any ducklings this year as our drake passed away earlier in the year, our ducks had other ideas. The oldest of our ducks went very broody so with no drake we needed some fertile eggs, hubby managed to find someone local with eggs luckily. Last week we heard cheeping and my lad had a quick look and he said he saw three fluffy yellow ducklings. We waited for a day or two and then mummy duck brought them out, they are so cute. Yesterday I managed to take some photos, as mummy duck is still very protective I couldn't get too close so they aren't too great.

As you can see they love swimming in the old paddling pool in the duck run. I also noticed that the other two ducks are also protective towards the ducklings which is unusual.

Now we waiting for some cute fluffy chicks as we have two broody hens sitting on eggs, though my lad has said he could hear cheeping in an egg so it might not be too long.

Until next time
Vic xx

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