Thursday, 17 July 2014

Back to Baking Cakes

I've not been baking cakes as much as I used to mainly as my girlie has been making them so I've used the extra time to create. But last week I really wanted to make some cupcakes for my friends to enjoy when we got together for coffee the next day. Also I really wanted to experiment with some flavours and see how they turned out. My Mum had given me a small bottle of natural raspberry flavouring, so I thought I would make raspberry and chocolate cakes.
First I made plain chocolate cakes and then while the cupcakes were baking  I made a pale pink raspberry frosting. I piped the frosting on, which is something I rarely do, next I added white shimmer pearls and just to four of them I used some really pretty flower and butterfly toppers. It was a good thing I put the four with the toppers in a separate box as by the next day nearly all of the cakes had gone.

chocolate and raspberry cupcakes

 Making these really got me wanting to bake more regularly again and I'm planning to make some soon  maybe either Rose or Black Forest cupcakes.

Until next time

Vic xx