Monday, 30 June 2014

Peacocks and Peacock Feathers.

Peacocks and their feathers are a great inspiration for me, the colours in the jewel toned tails feathers is well just beautiful. The picture below is from Design Seeds website and I have another one pinned to my Colour board on Pinterest 

I have great memories as a child coming back from a trip to Brownsea Island with a few of the dropped tail feathers. One of my grandparents didn't want me to bring them in to their house as they considered them bad luck, these days I think that superstition is beginning to fade a bit. 
The one thing I would really like is to have a Peacock and Peahen but they are very very noisy and I don't think I would be very popular with my neighbours and maybe the rest of our village. So we had better stick to our chickens, ducks and quails.  

peacock bead
Lampwork Glass Peacock Bead
Until next time. 
Vic xx

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