Thursday, 12 June 2014

Book Club and something new

Its been a very busy week as I've been getting my house tidy as I was the host for our Book Club yesterday. As usual I baked cakes, my Lemon drizzle loaf and Mocha cup cakes, hubby and the kids were very upset as they weren't allowed to taste the cakes until today. I also cooked Chili and Nachos with rice, tortillas and salad, I got the mince for the chili from our local butchers it was a lot cheaper and nicer than from a supermarket.
The book I chose for everyone to read was Accidently in Love with a God by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, I love Mimi's books as they are full of humour and they are the ones I will reread if I'm feeling a bit low. I would've chosen Stephanie Hudson's Afterlife saga for everyone to read but there are only a few of us with Kindle's which is the shame as I'm sure I would get a few of them hooked on the Afterlife Saga.

So to something new, I have wanted to try bead embroidery for a long time and more specifically beaded dolls. I did a bit of research and found out what I would need, well I thought that the price of Lacy's stiff stuff and Ultrasuede was too much for dolls, not a problem for jewellery. So I went to my fabric shop and managed to find some faux suede at a good price so I got a half a metre plus I could always use the fabric for my cloth dolls if I didn't like bead embroidery. Well as you may have guessed I love bead embroidery and I found I can sit and make something in front of the telly so even more of a bonus for me. The doll I made turned out better than I thought and I will certainly be doing a lot more bead embroidery.

bead embroidery art doll

until next time

Vic xx