Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Godzilla the chick

My son wanted some more baby chicks or ducklings this year, well as we haven't got a drake or a cockerell  we had to find some fertile eggs to put in the incubator. So while they were collecting some female quails my husband and son picked up three fertile Cream Legbar chicken eggs from the breeder. They went in the incubator and we waited, my son candled the eggs and two were growing. We waited a bit more and then we could hear a tiny cheep and a scratching on the shell one was trying to hatch two days early. Unfortunately it just couldn't get out of the egg so it died which was a real shame.  But the next day the last egg  was cheeping and wobbling and had made a small hole in the shell, we were very worried it wasn't going to get out. We left it a bit to see how it would get on and see if it could hatch without assistance but later it was quiet so my son gave it a little bit of help by removing a small part of the shell and the chick pushed itself out so we finally had a chick.  
Chicks when they are first hatched are really ugly nothing like the cute fluffy thing they become by the next day. So we have one chick out of three eggs and it looks like its a cockerell which is a shame as we could do with a few more hens. He is a noisy little thing and he's nearly two weeks old, but I don't think I should've let my son name it though as he called it Godzilla but the rest of us call him Chirpy.

chirpy aka Godzilla chirpy aka godzilla

chirpy aka godzilla

Until next time
Vic xx


  1. LOL, at Godzilla! Great name for a chick!

    1. It still makes me laugh especially as the chick is scared of it own shadow lol. :D