Thursday, 26 June 2014

Blog Book Review

This post I thought I would do a quick review of a magazine and book dedicated to bloggers. The book is Blogging for Creatives by Robin Houghton and the magazine is Blogging the big guide to creative content by Mollie Makes.

Blogging for Creatives I purchased at the end of last year it really inspired me to look at my blog as a part of the creative side of me, not just a place I occasionally post. If you've never blogged before this book explains all about blogs and the different types of blog. The chapters are varied and cover earning money from your blog, creating an eye catching blog, being social and much more. There are mini interviews with top bloggers and much more packed into this book. I did find some of it not really relevant just yet but it is a book that I will be dipping into occasionally. Its a great book for someone who is thinking of starting to blog and I'm sure even a seasoned blogger would find something interesting in this. 

Mollie Makes is a great little craft magazine and when I spotted their Blogging special the other day I snapped it up. The magazine is jam packed with their usual gorgeous images and lots of interviews with top bloggers. There was lots to inspire me and its made me want to do do more with this blog. It also covered twitter, which is something I always forget about. My only complaint is they showed a lot of info for Wordpress but very little for Blogger, which I think was a shame. I've noticed they also do a Photography special which I may have to get. I think this special is great and its worth a look. 

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Vic  xx

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