Friday, 20 June 2014

The making of a Steampunk Troll

So as you may have guessed I'm writing about the doll I finished this week, Professor Hargate Dawkins Wardle Trevithick, or H.D.W for short. He was inspired by Utes Vasina's Troll pattern and I've been planning to make him for a while. Unusually for me part of my planning included sketching out a few of the small details of the doll. So this week I finally had the time to make him, I did have to design the clothes myself and this is where the sketches and planning really helped.

steampunk cloth art doll

The next step was to add a few extra details to the apron pocket, plus it needed to be a bit steampunk. Luckily I had a few cogs and a small key but it needed something extra, my Dad came to the rescue with a tin from his shed. Apparently the tin was from my Grandads shed and contained lots of brass screws, bolts and copper nails. I filled two small glass vials with some of the tiny screws we found in the tin and I placed a couple of large brass studs or rivets in his apron and hand.

steampunk cloth art doll

The last thing to be added to the apron pocket was a monocle and I felt it needed to be on a chain and I had a bright idea of using one of my lampwork glass dragon beads as well. So the little dragon became H.D.W's pet baby dragon Errol who holds onto the monocle as H.D.W tends to lose it.

steampunk cloth art doll
So there we are I've finally made my Steampunk Troll, now I need to start planning for a special halloween doll. 

until next time
Vic xx

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