Monday, 27 July 2015

New Pixie Elves and Retiring Elves

This week I admit I was struggling with what to make so I got the box of paints and elves out just to see what I had. Well before I knew it I had painted a small family set of elves that I called the Blues.
As you can see I used three different shades of blue for each elf and I also added a paper cream rose to the necks which give them a pretty vintage or wedding party look.

cornish pixie elves

Also I have looked through the Cornish Pixie Elves that are still for sale and I will be retiring Lotus, The Ninjas, Smudge, Blue and Acorn. All are still available along with the Blues in my Etsy shop

cornish pixie elf

I thought I would share with you what happens when I retire the pixie elves, they sadly don't go to a pixie retirement home. The pixie elves are placed in a box with all the paints and other old and new blank elf bodies. 

cornish pixie elf
The Ninjas

The hats and any decorations are removed and I then use some sandpaper and sand off the facial features, excess glue and any painted decorations and some of the body paint. 

cornish pixie elf

Naturally not all of the paint can be removed with the sandpaper, I don't use any paint strippers so to cover the left over old paint I repaint the whole body with white gesso. This then gives a nice base for any new paint I add to the bodies. 

cornish pixie elf

The heads are then given a coat of flesh coloured paint and then I pack them away until I want to make some new Pixie elves. 

cornish pixie elf

Not all of the retired Pixie Elves are Reincarnated some end up as gifts or I end up keeping the odd one, I fact I know if Acorn doesn't sell before retirement I will be keeping her. 

Until next time.

Vic xx

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