Monday, 20 July 2015

Cakes and Tropical Fish

Last week was a bit of an odd week I was busy socially and with family, but the making and creating took a bit of a back seat. Well apart from baking as I baked and decorated two dozen cupcakes. The cupcakes were for a special book club, one of our members had a very special birthday and we all chipped in. So I decided I would bake lemon cupcakes and top them with lemon frosting. They smelt delicious when they were baking. I wish I had some lemon curd in the larder as I could have filled the centre with lemon curd before decorating them with the frosting. I finished them of with gold sugar, a sugar flower and a floral wrapper. 

lemon cupcakes
Lemon cupcakes

 I also made a dozen plain vanilla cupcakes and topped them with a rose flavoured frosting as I thought they would compliment the lemon cakes. The frosting went a more peachy pink rather than the pale pink I wanted. I used some beautiful edible butterflies and white sugar pearls, with laser cut wrappers and they looked very pretty.

Rose vanilla Cupcakes

Also last week we had a few new additions to the household, it was the lads birthday and he spent his money on a fish tank for tropical fish. He had to wait a few days after setting up the tank but he now has three guppies called Flash, Specs and Jaws!!! 
The picture below was taken by the lad on his ipod  but you can just see Flash and Jaws, I think Specs was hiding.  

Until next time

Vic xx

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