Monday, 6 July 2015

Elves in Space!!

I've not been making much lately as I've been resting a poorly arm but last week I just needed to make something and decided that it would be a good idea to paint some Pixie Elves.

First I painted two special elves, these are for two of my friends who both have birthdays this month.

cornish pixie elves

 I also wanted to make some space themed pixie elves, so I got my ideas book out and had a quick look at my notes and sketches. First I knew I had to paint a spaceman or astronaut, it was fun painting it all white and then adding the details. 

spaceman cornish pixie elf
"I want to be a Spaceman"

Next I painted a ringed planet pixie elf, I wasn't sure on the background colour and decided that black would be best. I also added some dots and specks of varying sizes to give the impression of stars and planets and maybe the odd comet. 

planet cornish pixie elf
"The final frontier"

The last elf I painted a rocket ship on his body and I really love the retro look of him, I had fun with this ones description on it's Etsy listing. 

rocket  cornish pixie elf
"Helston we have a problem!!"

The Rocket ship pixie elf also disappeared mysteriously, I was beginning to think perhaps there may have been an alien elf abduction but no girlie had him. 

All of the Space pixie Elves will be beaming into my Etsy shop during the week. 

Until next time

Vic xx

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