Thursday, 6 August 2015

New Spooky Elves

It's the summer holidays so its time for me to start thinking about seasonal dolls and Pixie elves. I admit I was struggling for ideas for the Pixie elves but I grabbed my ideas sketchbook and had a quick flip through. It certainly helped as I made two new Halloween Cornish Pixie Elves this week.

First I painted a small elf in bright pumpkin orange and added a spider motif in black and added a black hat.

Cornish pixie Elf Spider

The next Pixie Elf is my favourite and reminds me of old spooky horror films, I could have made a zombie but I like the idea of a Mummy more.

cornish Pixie Elf the mummy

I painted the body with a parchment coloured paint which gives the Mummy and aged look and nicer than a stark bright white. Both will be available to buy in my Etsy shop next week.

Not only did I paint the Halloween elves I also made a couple of prototype fabric elves.

prototype fabric cornish pixie elves

The pattern isn't quite right yet so I will have to adjust the pattern until I'm happy with them. These two were elf napped and I later found one in the lads room and the girlie had the other.

Next I will be hopefully making some Halloween art dolls and then I will be thinking about the C word, yes Christmas.

Until next time
Vic xx

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