Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Secret Swap Nazca Doll

As you know I'm part of the Craft Pimp forum and some of us joined in a Secret Swap. The rules of the swap were to only use supplies already in your stash no buying anything new, to be no bigger than a postcard and must be for the theme of either Midsummer Madness or the Nazca Lines. The Midsummer Madness did appeal to me but I ended up talking myself out of it as I knew I would be limited by my stash and I felt my skills might be lacking. So I decided on the Nazca Lines, the lines in Southern Peru and are fascinating, but how was I going to interpret them. I flicked through a few of my craft books and considered polymer clay but then I thought about a small stump cloth art doll. 
As I started on the face I decided to take photos of each stage, something I had been thinking of doing for a while. As you can see from the pictures below each stage of the face marking out drawing in and then colouring and blending in the colours to bring the face to life. I have to admit it's my favourite part colouring in the face and I really love how this one turned out. 

face of cloth art doll

Nazca cloth art doll

Next I gave the doll a royal blue silk dress and covered it with a orange / red shot taffeta coat. On the coat I used a yellow thread to sew the Nazca lines, the front I decorated it with the Spider and Labyrinth lines and on the back I put the Humming Bird as there was more room. 

nazca cloth ar doll

nazca cloth art doll

To finish off I added a blue button and black merino wool for her hair and I was pleased with how she turned out. I think if I was able to buy extras she would have been a completely different doll. Making the doll has also given me a few new ideas to make perhaps smaller stump dolls or even spirit / dream dolls. 

Nazca cloth art doll

My next project will be a big doll for another challenge on the facebook Jan Horrox Doll group.

Until next time

Vic xx

Nazca cloth art doll


  1. And thank you, she's now keeping keeping me company in my studio :)

    1. It was a pleasure to make her for you :) x