Friday, 28 November 2014

New book ..

We were shopping in Barnstaple and as I like browsing around book shops we popped into Waterstones. I spotted a book called The Oversight by Charlie Fletcher, I was tempted but a bit unsure so a couple of days later I had a quick look on Amazon and read some favourable reviews and downloaded it to my kindle. I am so glad I did as its a very good book, in some ways it reminded me of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern which I loved.

Each chapter tells the story from the viewpoint of one of the main characters which is very similar to The Night Circus.  Its also set in Victorian London, has magic and a circus of sorts, the difference is the darker side to this book. It featured some interesting magical type beings, like and Alp and the Slaugh, they are like the old tales of the fair folk who are dark and mysterious and lead you away. The main characters are interesting especially the smith and the cook, the younger main characters to me seemed younger in age than they were.  
I was sad to finish reading it but at least it's part of a trilogy, so in the meantime until the second book is out I will be counting down the days for the release of Stephanie Hudson's next Afterlife Saga book "The Pentagram Child" which will be out in December. 

Until next time
Vic xx

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