Monday, 10 November 2014

Craft Fayre and Strictly.

I usually blog about Strictly on Mondays but I think I will stop and to be honest I really didn't watch many of the dances this week. This was due to the fact I was busy getting ready for the craft fayre and busy ironing my tablecloth for the stall. But I will say it was sad to see who was in the dance off.

So yesterday I was in Devon for a craft fayre, it was the annual St Marks PTA fayre at Welcombe. I was very busy last week getting some decorations painted for the fayre and trying to find a small tree to put them on. I took mainly my elves a few dolls and some jewellery, It was fun and I sold one of my dolls which was really nice and also means I need to make another one.

Also last week I was busy with posting Elves to new forever homes as well as a painting a few for commissions. The commissions were for the Snowmen Elves I ran out of the tall alves and then the large elves as they were all painted up and sent to new homes. I did make sure there was one snowman elf spare and he's now in the Etsy shop.

christmas cornish pixie elf

Vic x

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