Thursday, 13 November 2014

A sort of Throwback Thursday

Todays post is a sort of throwback as I wanted to post about a doll I made last year. It was this doll The Lady of the Sea a mermaid doll, with seaweed all over her including fish and seahorse charms. 

At the time I loved her and she was different and nearly as I wanted her but recently she just really didn't fit in with my other dolls. So I removed the organza and the beaded seaweed and star fish but left her hair and jewellery. I had some iridescent aqua green metallic fabric which I used as a dress for her. Then I covered the dress with and overskirt of a gorgeous blue organza, and gave her a metallic belt and added the seed bead seaweed as fringing. I also added some beads to the top of the bodice and added one of the star fish to the front. 

Next I added another starfish to the skirt of the dress and added some blue hot fix crystals, I als redid her hair as it still didn't look quite right so I took it down to give her a side braid and added a couple of star fish to the back of her head. 

Now she's all finished and I really like her and I changed er name slightly she is now known as Lady Sea and has been listed in my Etsy Shop.

Vic x

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