Sunday, 20 March 2016

Podlings and a Change.

This week I have been a lot more creative as I've started to finish of a doll though I'm not a hundred percent happy with the face so I may take the head off or give it a repaint. I made clothes and cloak which was made from black velvet and has a pretty floral grey cotton lining. There's still a bit more work to go one her but hopefully I can finish her next week after I have bought some polymer clay.

art doll

Also this week I started on a pattern I purchased a couple of weeks ago, designed by Susan Barmore. 

podlings art dolls

The pattern is great fun and is a reasonably quick make and after assembling the bodies it was face and body painting. then it was cutting and sewing felt to cover the bodies. The felt then needed to be dipped in fabric stiffener and placed back on the bodies and secured with pins while the felt dried. I then had to wait patiently for the felt and bodies to dry completely.

podlings art dolls

Luckily by the next day they were dry so I glued the felt leaf wrappers to the bodies and stuck pins in them until the glue dried. They did look funny with the pins sticking out but it wasn't long before I added some colour to the leaves with pencil and embellished them with copper wire and beads. Now I just need to take their photos and list them in my shop, hopefully I'll have time this weekend. 

Cornish Dragon logo

This week has also seen some changes on Etsy as they have had a bit of a revamp of the shops, we as shop owners can preview the look and make any necessary changes. This has actually come at a good time as I was not  happy with my banners and branding so on Friday I spent a few hours on Canva updating my shop icon / logo to my favourite Flamingo Pixie Elf. 

Cornish Dragon banner

Next was my banner I toyed with using the pixie elf again but then I decided and using one of my own art dolls. I think it looks better and cleaner and both the logo and banners reflect my current work. 

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  1. Love the podlings and your new banner too. I thought they were pin cushions when I saw them on facebook LOL