Sunday, 6 March 2016

Cheesecake for Mothers Day.

Every so often my family gets together for a pub meal and afterwards we share cakes or a sweet at my parents house, conveniently opposite the pub. Usually I make brownies, cup cakes or a lemon drizzle loaf, but since I'm now on a low carb diet for my diabetes I can't eat them. So I've found and tried out a few different recipes from Pinterest including low carb brownies and a yummy Chocolate Heaven cake that's rich and almost like a torte and is lovely with clotted cream. I also found a great recipe for granola bars and I want to try to make my own Paleo style granola for breakfasts.
So this time for our Mothers Day get together I decided I would try out a cheesecake, there are a few different recipes I had found all using ground almonds in substitute for the biscuit base. I spotted a beautiful picture of a lime green coloured cheesecake and I had to have a look. The recipe looked simple and it was a lime cheesecake with no flour, sugar or dairy and the main ingredient is avocado, well I had to try it.
The recipe serves 12 so I halved the amounts and I hoped that the two avocados I had bought would be enough.
First was the base which is pecans, dates, cacao nibs, desiccated coconut and coconut oil, I blitzed it all up and pressed it into the tin and popped it in the fridge ready to make the filling.

avocado lime cheesecake

Next was the messy business of peeling and chopping up the avocados, I find it easier to peel them with my hands rather than using a peeler hence the mess. 

avocado lime cheesecake

Typically the phone rang and I had my hands covered with avocado so the lad had to answer the phone much to his disgust. 

avocado lime cheesecake

So after chopping the avocado I added the lime zest, lime juice, coconut oil and honey to the avocado in my food processor and blitzed until it was all nice and smooth. Naturally I had to get every one to test it to see if they liked the taste. Girlie didn't like it, the lad loved it and Hubby loved it too but agreed a bit more zest and it would be better.
The filling was then poured on top of the base and after adding some Cacao flakes for decoration it went back into the fridge ready for today.

avocado lime cheesecake

And I shall let you know later in the comments how it tasted.

Until next time
Vic xx


  1. As you know I'm into healthy eating, it looks delicious, but I have to know how did it taste?

    1. It was nice and zingy with a lovely clean aftertaste not too filling which is a bonus. It went down well and there is very little left in the fridge. :) x

  2. I am not an avocado fan but I would try that it looks yummy and I love pecan nuts :D