Monday, 11 April 2016

Busy Busy

Eeek where has the time gone all of a sudden, it has been a busy two weeks with both the school holidays and this weekend I've had a show on a Facebook group. Oh and there is book club at the end of the week too along with a the opticians.
But I have finally finished the last doll who has been called the Archer, she looks so much better with the new head. I also made her a bow and quiver of arrows to go with her copper dagger in her boot tops, which I made years ago when making copper jewellery.

the archer art doll

I also made a few more Podlings which I saved especially for the Facebook show, though I did have to hid them from my Mum as I know she loves them. 


And I'm also making something else which is mini Art Bears, I found a few patterns online and bought the supplies to make this gorgeous little vintage style elephant who I've called Little Nell. 

Little Nell mini art bear

I also found a pattern for a dragon well you know me and dragons, I had to wait a while for the supplies to arrive but on Friday I finally finished two just in time to d├ębut at my Facebook Show. 

Dragon hatchling art bears

The dragons, Podling and the Doll with be in my Etsy shop at the end of this week and Little Nell, has been sold so will be of to a new home which also means I can make another. 

Until next time.

Vic xx

Dragon hatchling art bear

Dragon hatchling art bear
the archer art doll

the archer art doll

the archer art doll

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