Monday, 16 February 2015

Pixie Elves Due to Retire

As you may remember I retired a few Cornish Pixie Elves last year, I have decided that a few more will be retiring. Which is good as I have some new elves planned.

These basic elves have already been retired as they were made to order and I was waiting for the larger elf bodies to come back in stock.

Cornish Pixie Elves
Basic Family Set

Also I decided to retire The Spots straight away as they were looking a bit tired. 

Cornish Pixie Elves
Spotty Cornish Pixie Elves

 I'm going to be retiring two sets - The Peonies and The Lavenders.

Cornish Pixie Elves
The Peonies

Cornish Pixie Elves
The Lavenders

 Also two of the individual Cornish Pixie Elves will be retiring and they are - Freckles and Fluff.

Cornish Pixie Elves

Cornish Pixie Elves

The elves will still be available for a short while in my etsy shop  but when they expire I won't be relisting them, so grab them while you can before they got to the Cornish Pixie Elf retirement home. 

see you next time
Vic xx

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