Thursday, 8 January 2015

52 Things Challenge and Gnomes

Here we are a shiny brand New Year and as usual I'm taking my time to get back into the swing of things. Luckily I have some motivation in the form of my fellow crafty pals on the Craft Pimp Forum. We are having a year long inspiration challenge which means making / creating once a week so by the end of the year you have 52 things you have sketched, made, baked etc. I've joined in and I'm not sure if I can manage it all year but I will have a good try. Luckily I had an idea already in my head for week one.

felt viking brooches

I've wanted to add some more fairytale characters to my work and shop and also a bit more affordable.  So I thought why not Gnomes made from felt and made into brooches. I sketched a few ideas and decided to make the most complicated ones first which were the Viking Gnomes Ragnar and Siguard.

viking gnome felt brooch

Siguard I made first and I glued and then hand sewed the felt together and I was really pleased in how he turned out. Next was Ragnar and he turned out very well. In fact the girlie test worked again as I nearly lost both to her. 

felt Viking gnome brooch

I listed both of them on Etsy, and I had a little giggle while writing the descriptions. I think there will be a few more Gnome brooches visiting my shop over the year including some pirates and maybe some more of the viking clan.
I wonder what I will be making next week.

See you soon.

Vic xx