Thursday, 18 December 2014

Teeny Tiny Elves

Its been a busy few weeks and I admit I've been struggling to fit everything in before Christmas. Girlie and the Lad break up from school today and I do like to just enjoy the run up the christmas with them and relax a bit.
Yesterday I had some time to do some creating and I decided to try out some of my planned designs on some very tiny elves. these elves are 4 cm tall and if it works on them it will work on the larger elves.

cornish pixie elves

So first up was three night city scene / silhouette elves. I was worried that the colours would be too dark and they are a bit, but I think it would look better on one of the taller elves.

cornish pixie elves

These Steampunk inspired two were great fun and they will work very well as part of a family set. 

I have a few more ideas to work on but I do also need to order some elf bodies in soon and I'm also wanting to make another doll or two, but that will be in the new year. 

See you soon

Vic xx

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