Thursday, 15 January 2015

Week 2 & 3 of 52 Things Challenge

So I finished the make for Week Two which was a sewing needle case. I felt I cheated a bit as I used a free kit off the front of this months Mollie Makes Magazine. It was easy to make and it was nice to do some patchwork which I haven't done since I left school. The only thing was some of the instructions I disagreed with, for instance the hexies they suggested whip stitching together this left stitches showing and looked messy to me.  I sewed them together and attached them to the felt with a Ladder Stitch which I use all the time with my dolls as it gives a near invisible join and looks a lot neater.

patchwork sewing needle case

I also stab stitched the pink felt onto the rest of the case rather than the suggested running stitch, I did want to blanket stitch it on but I couldn't remember how. I've given this to girlie for her sewing stash as its just a bit too bright for me, I will make a needle case for myself at some point during this challenge. 

Steampunk cornish pixie elves

So for Week Three I painted some bigger Steampunk Elves to go with the tiny ones I made before christmas. I separated them into two sets and they are available in my Etsy Shop I wish I still had some cogs as I could have sewn them to the hats. 

steampunk cornish pixie elves

I also painted two other Pixie elves especially for valentines, but they could be for all year round. 

love cornish pixie elves

cornish pixie elf

I wonder what I will be making for week 4.

Until next time
Vic xx

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