Thursday, 25 September 2014

Something New

When I last ordered some of my cornish pixie elf bodies from my supplier I had to add a few extra items to the cart as they have a minimum order. I wasn't sure what, I would have bought some more wooden chickens but it looks like that they have stopped selling them. So I was having a look on the website and stumbled across something that I knew would be a great item to paint and sell.
This week I had the time and the mojo to paint them, I was really pleased how they turned out. I also had great fun with the descriptions on Etsy as I wrote a part of it as if I was an estate agent selling or renting out these Beach Huts.

No. 1 Beach Hut

No 2 Beach Hut

If they go well I hope to make a few more and they will all be individually numbered, and with different details. 

Until next time
Vic xx