Friday, 8 August 2014

A Day Out

Well I would really love to have a holiday away but at the moment it really isn't possible, but then I live in a beautiful part of the country so we try to take advantage of that and have days out locally. So last week we decided to go to Tintagel and Boscastle.

Boscastle, Cornwall, UK
 Tintagel was a surprise this year as it had changed a lot, the what I call tatt (souvenir) shops that all sell the same thing, had gone and had been replaced with cafes and an ice cream parlour. Which is a good thing as usually all you could get in Tintagel to eat was either a pub meal or cornish Pasties. Our favourite shops were still there, which was good as I stocked up on some beads and gemstones for some projects in one.

Boscastle was still the same but with a new addition the Boscastle Fishing Co. which sell the lobsters and Crabs they catch as well as Crab or Lobster sandwiches. I wish I hadn't already bought a small pasty at the bakery as I would've liked a lobster sandwich. We finished up with a visit to the Boscastle pottery where I got an new mocha - ware mug to replace one that got broken.
We had a lovely day out and we are thinking of making a second visit to Boscastle later in the year to visit the Witchcraft Museum, another place I like to visit regularly as for a tiny place it has lots of interesting and fascinating exhibits.

public enemy

Until next time
Vic. x


  1. Ooo witchcraft museum....let me know when you go and I might come down and meet you that would be fun :) Is Boscastle the one that got flooded the other year?

    1. Yes Boscastle was the one that was flooded and its the 10 year anniversary this weekend, it only seems a year or two.