Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Halloween and the C Word.

With September getting closer I'm thinking more about Halloween, there are a few pieces on sale already in my shop, mainly Cornish Pixie Elves. I still have these Cloth Doll Witches Heads from last year and they do make me smile.

cloth art doll witch heads

 I was originally selling them in pairs but I think this year I will split them up and sell them individually. The thing is I want to make a cloth doll for for Halloween and I'm worried i'm not going to have the time, but then again the idea I have it can be displayed all year round. 

So after Halloween will be The C word yes I have to say it Christmas, though I prefer to call it Yule. Luckily I have two Santa's ready, one green the other red, and a Yule Fairy Art doll. 

christmas cloth art doll

The Pixie Elves will start being listed sometime late next month as I don't like to list them too early.  Again I also have some new ideas for Yule and I have time to get those ideas sketched out and planned. 

Now where is my sketchbook and pencils. 
Until next time
Vic. xx

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