Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lighthouse and Sweetheart Elves.

This week I decided I wanted to paint some more elves, including one I had in mind for a seaside challenge. I had also been asked if I do any wedding pixie elves, this is something I have considered but I don't like making repeats too often. So I made a pair of pixie elves that could be considered for a wedding decoration etc. And here are the Sweet Heart pixie elves.

cornish pixie elf bride and groom

I like how they have turned out and I'm considering listing them permanently / made to order in my Etsy shop with the options of having a different coloured hearts like gold, red as well as the silver. I could also make them in the bigger elf body size too. 

So for the Seaside challenge over on the Craft Pimp Forum I wanted to make a lighthouse pixie elf, n the end I made two. I reused two old retired elf bodies after sanding them down and giving them a couple of coats of gesso I painted them. I made one stormy and the other had a nice calm sea with a fishing boat. The one with the Fishing boat will be in my Etsy shop the other is on my Facebook page and my next blog post will tell you more.

cornish pixie elves lighthouse

Until next time
Vic xx

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