Wednesday, 26 March 2014

New Fairy Doll.

Last week saw me working on a new doll, Fayliin the Fairy. I decided I wanted to make her with button jointed elbows and knees as well as her hips and shoulders. It is a bit more sewing but it does give a bit more movement without adding wire armature. I also embellished her bodice and wrists with seed beads which I sewed on individually. 

ooak cloth art doll

She was originally going to have bare feet but it just didn't look right so I designed a pair of curly toed pixie boots instead. I also wanted to try out a technique that would make her nails look polished, I used a glaze that is for paper crafting and that gave her nails a shiny surface, It worked really well I will certainly try it again. She turned out well despite my usual worries while making her and she is now on ETSY 

ooak cloth art doll

Now I'm in the middle of making two mini dolls and I have some plans for a few more bigger dolls including a mermaid, woodland elf and a Gothic style doll amongst others. 

Until next time 

Vic xx

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