Thursday, 3 April 2014

Lots to do but where has the week gone?

Its been a busy week and none of it has been creative,  today I was going to make myself a coin purse and try out a project from my Poppy Treffry book on it. But I haven't got a zip short enough which isn't a problem as its a nice excuse to pop into a haberdashery / fabric shop and get one and maybe some more fabric. I have a few other projects that I could start but they will take a few days and I don't want them left lying about the house especially as next week is the start of the school easter holidays. 
Last week on my blog I mentioned I was in the middle of making a couple of mini cloth art dolls, they were finished on the friday and I got them ready for their photo shoot on Tuesday. I had a go a needle sculpting the faces, I was worried it wouldn't work as they are small, one head did go wrong but I quickly made up another one. The organza I used for the skirts I've had in my stash for ages and I have wanted to use it and these were the right dolls. 

On Emerald I felt the gold stars looked good and I hand sewed some green iridescent sequins around the waist of the skirt. Choosing the colour of the wool for the hair was more difficult but the black looked the best.

With Silva I thought the reverse of the organza looked great as the stars were silver, again I hand sewed on some sequins and I also struggled with her hair colour. I nearly went for a brown but the grey blue really suited her. She ended up looking very glamorous which helped to give both dolls their story. You can have a look at their story on ETSY

Anyway hopefully I can get back to creating something at the weekend or next week despite the holidays, maybe I'll get to make my purse. 

Until next time

Victoria xx

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