Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Fae Inspiration

Many years ago when I was Cornish Fairies I made faerie cards and art inspired by the FAe or faerie folk. Recently I have felt more and more inspired by the Fae. Now these fae I'm inspired by are not the cute victorian or disney fairies I mean the ones from folklore and myth the ones that are not all good and have a dark side etc. 

Certain fae artists have been another inspiration, the biggest being Brian Froud. I remember when I was a child I desperately wanted to go and see the film Dark Crystal, I never got to see it, but my Mum gave me the paperback for christmas, the story was good but it was the film photos in the book I loved. Then along came Labyrinth starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie, this film is one of my all time favourite films, David Bowie is just brilliant as Jareth the Goblin King. The common thing of these two films apart from the brilliant Henson puppets is the concept artist for each film is Brian Froud. 
I was given the Good Faeries...Bad faeries book as a christmas gift one year and it is just full of Brian's amazing artwork. Brian's and his wife Wendy's work are just well fabulous and to me feel how the fae are like. Take a look at their website gallery as there is a selection of Brian's artwork and Wendy's dolls.

Commision Elf Doll
Making the fairy, pixie and troll Cloth Art Dolls may have influenced my interest in the Fae again or could it be the Fae influencing them, who knows but I'm enjoying it.
Until next time

Vic xx

Melkree the Troll
Aggie the Pixie


  1. Now there is an artist, I love the work of Brian and his wife and wait to see how the work of their son progresses. I love that particular book too. You should have included a few of your photos of your dolls in this blog Vic, they are brilliant :)

    1. Your right Laney I do need to add some of my dolls.
      Thanks :) xx

    2. I'm a huge Froud fan too, have a number of his books and a set of gorgeous cards too. I'm with Laney on the inclusion of your dolls, mine are well loved and appreciated:)

    3. Thank you I've just updated it with some photos of my dolls.
      :) xxx

  2. nice, we all love Dark Crystal and have Brians hardback book The World of the Dark Crystal with all the drawings in - also big fan of Labryinth for pretty much the same reasons - and yes your dolls fit in very well

  3. I also have a Brian Froud book this artwork is fantastic, loving your dolls too.