Thursday, 6 March 2014

New Elves

Most of the week has been spent painting cornish pixie elves and I have really enjoyed it. The new elves are from ideas I had written down at the end of last year and one set was inspired by the fabric I used for my kindle cover. It was a beach or sea theme for all of the elves in the end. 
The first set I had actually painted the bodies last week in my favourite blue I just needed to paint a decoration and make the felt hats. The beach huts were fun to draw they were a bit fiddly to paint especially on the tiny elf. Originally they were going to have blue hats but it just didn't look right so I picked out one of the colours on the beach huts and found a matching felt. They look really cute. 

cornish Pixie elves, beach huts

Next to be painted were a mermaid and two pirates, the pirates were lovely and quick to make and the mermaid took a little bit more time as I had to draw on her scales with a gold pen. She was going to have silver scales but one of my children had "borrowed" my silver pen and I couldn't find it. 

Treasure, Mermaid, pirate, captain

So my busy week is coming to an end and my weekend is going to be a relaxing one as I'll be curled up with my kindle and planning new elves and what to create next week.

Until next time

Vic xxx

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