Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Solving a fluff problem.

As planned I started a new cloth art doll on Monday and spent yesterday finishing it off by adding the clothes and hair. Now I had a bit of a problem as I do like to add the hair last as sometimes the hair can get messed up while I'm sewing on clothes or trims. So I added the bodysuit to this little pixie doll and I was worried about stray pieces of the merino wool hair or fluff getting on the clothes. 

OOAK Cloth art doll aggie

As you can see the pixies bodysuit is white so the fluff would show even more. But I had a brilliant idea, I recently had bought some new freezer bags and they had a grip seal opening. 

ooak cloth art doll aggieooak Cloth art doll aggie

Not only did it work really well it also meant I didn't accidently get any glue on the bodysuit either. I did need to wind the bag around the pixie as it slipped a bit and the seal would come undone.

ooak cloth art doll

All day while finishing the pixie off I wasn't sure if it was going to be a boy or a girl and it wasn't until the hair was finished that the pixies character finally came out and it was certainly a she. 
My 13 year old daughter fell in love with her when she got home from school and nearly stole her from me, but I got her back with a promise to make her a pixie. So next was a name for the pixie, dewdrop, lichen, mossy and daisy just didn't seem right but then I thought of Aggie, just perfect. 

ooak cloth art doll aggie

Next week is going to be a busy week hopefully I can fit in something creative especially as I have some elf ideas still to work on. 
Until next time
Victoria xx

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