Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Bird Feeder Challenge and Wild Weather

Well its been a very stormy start to our New Year, with storm surges, heavy rain and flooding. Our local beach is made of stones and is often changed by the storms so it will be interesting to see how it has fared during the recent storms, I will have to go see when the sea is a lot calmer. 
Apart from the wild weather I took part in a challenge on the Craft Pimp Forum. We had to make bird feeders from only recycled or items you had available at home apart from seed and fat. It was a great idea and I thought I would get my children involved. First we had to decide what type of feeder we wanted to make, fat balls was the main idea as they are easy to make and all we needed to get was some lard.

 I really wanted to push the seeded fat into some pinecones but we didn't have any so we had to have a search about the house to find something.
We eventually found and old soda water bottle, a fizzy pop bottle, an old plastic cup, some shoe laces (instead of string) and my son found a stick from the garden. The soda bottle was turned into a seed feeder by just cutting some holes in the bottle and pushing the stick through for a perch. With the other items we mixed up two blocks of lard and added seed and then filled the containers with the mix after adding the shoe laces. As we had melted the lard slightly we had to let the feeders harden a bit so we just left the out in our porch which at this time of year is nice and cold.

We were going to put the feeders out yesterday but we still had very strong winds and the bird feeding station / pole was swaying a lot in the wind. I did put one feeder out today even though its still a bit blowy, I haven't seen many birds out there today apart from the odd curious Blue Tit. 

Until next time
Victoria xx

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