Friday, 31 January 2014

A Doll and a Brooch.

Last week I started a doll from one of the patterns I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. I was really looking forward to making her and I have been sharing my progress on my facebook fan page which you can find HEREUnusually for me the progress has been slower than normal, though I expect that the time spent making is exactly the same, its just taken a couple of weeks instead of 3 days. I think it has been good that I have taken my time as I did have a few problems. First was the start of this week I didn't like the colour of the trim so I had to go on the internet and order an alternative. Luckily the order arrived quickly so yesterday I was able to continue. Then came another problem I was reading the pattern and it was missing a diagram but it wasn't too hard to work out. So the doll is now nearly done I've just got her hair to do, I'm just trying to decide on what style to do but a fishtail braid is top of the list. She will hopefully be finished and a pic will be on facebook on monday. 

I made this brooch years ago and I blogged about in August 2010 which seems a long time ago now. I did enjoy making it and I remember I had to make about 3 more for some of my customers at a jewellery party. So why am I talking about a design I made years ago? well  this brooch is from my second most viewed blog post. It has made me think of remaking this design again sometime as it would fit in with my jewellery in my etsy store. But first I need to finish that doll.

Until next time
Victoria xx

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