Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Poldark and a Seahorse

As last week was half term I missed making something for the year long challenge but I made sure to make something this week. So I decided to use the last two tall elf bodies, one I wanted to make into a Seahorse the other I wasn't too sure. Well I grabbed my notebook and it opened out on some sketches of things I associate with Cornwall, plus I had been thinking of Poldark recently so a Poldark inspired Cornish Pixie Elf was painted.

poldark inspired cornish pixie elf

The Tin Mine pixie elf did take a little bit of time as I had to wait for the paint to dry before adding  more layers and details. Also choosing the felt to use for the hat was difficult, I nearly used blue but a granite grey seems to suit more. 

seahorse cornish pixie elf

The seahorse elf was a slightly easier as the base was a solid periwinkle blue and then I used the pearlescent acrylic inks I had found when I sorted out my art supplies. I layered the inks a bit so the seahorse has a beautiful iridescence to it which sadly doesn't show too well when photographed. 

cornish pixie elf

Both of the elves will be available in my Etsy shop I hope to make a few more elves over the coming weeks. And I also want to make a few more smaller cloth art dolls and maybe another big one, I think its going to be a busy few weeks.

Until next time
Vic xx

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