Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Pilchards and Work In Progress

I've been a bit busy so haven't updated the blog on how the year long challenge is going, so I'm about to show you some work in progress and a small shoal of Cornish Pilchards.

The Pilchards is something I've been meaning to make in fabric for a while and I finally got to make them.

fabric cornish pilchards

Its a great way to use up some scraps of fabric, and they were fun to make. I decided to make some glam or bling ones, they have been decorated with sequins. The other ones I just added a tiny button for the eye, the plainer ones ended up as my favorites. 

So last week I wasn't sure what to make and as I had brought a pattern ages back for a doll that needed paper clay parts, I decided to make a start. Unfortunately I soon realised my paper clay had to be binned so I ended up using  air drying clay.

dolls head work in progress

The instructions were really good and I think I've ended up with a reasonable face and head. I've got the hands and feet to make and then they will need painting. After that has been done I will make the body out of some fabric that I bought ready for her, though I expect I will end up changing my mind and using something else instead. 

As for what I will be making this week I'm not sure as its the half term holidays and the girlie and lad are at home. I do also have a secret project I'm slowly working on, but I can't tell you anything about it yet as its well a secret. 

Until next time

Vic xx

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