Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Sugar Skull Elf and Eric Bloodaxe

This week I decided I wanted to paint some more Cornish Pixie Elves and I was going to paint a small elf maybe a set and one of the very large conical elves. Well as per usual the elves had their own plan and only one of the ideas actually got to be made. So first to be made was a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull inspired Elf. The body color I wasn't too sure but I eventually decide to show off the skull more with a black body and felt hat. The Sugar Skull itself was a bit tricky as some of the details are very small. I did have to pry this away from Girlie as nicked it and I may have to hide it from her.

day of the dead Cornish Pixie Elf

The set I decided I would just pick one colour and use different shades for each elf. I couldn't choose between greens, blues or pinks, but as I've made a lot of green and blue elves recently I thought pinks would be nice. Okay I also sneaked in a lilac elf mainly because one of the pink paints had deteriorated with age and it also looked nice with the others.

pink Cornish Pixie Elf

I've wanted to make  a Viking elf for a while so I decided a small elf would be a good size for him. He turned out really well and I have to admit he is my favourite. Eric Bloodaxe as I called him will probably be joined by more Vikings and maybe a few more different warrior clans of the elves. 

Viking Cornish Pixie Elf

The elves will be made available over the next few days in my Etsy shop which you will find HERE

Until next time

Vic xx

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