Thursday, 5 March 2015

World Book Day and New Elves

Today is World Book Day and I thought it would be a nice to do a quick post about what I'm reading at the moment.  There have been a few new books published that I have read including book 4 of The Relic Seekers series, book 4 of the Hot Damned series. Though at the moment I'm currently savouring Jodi Taylor's newest book in the Chronicles of St Marys series. I really like her writing and reading a book about time travelling historians who drink endless tea and there is usually something disastrous happening or a certain professor blowing something up.

 I'm also trying to decide what to chose for book club, I would love to choose Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett but for some reason anything that is fantasy or sci fi seems to be more expensive compared to the more mainstream books.

Also this week I have painted two limited edition elves, these are the taller style elves which gives me more room to paint something a bit more detailed.

Green men Cornish Pixie elves

I have had the idea to paint a green man on an elf for a long time and I decided to use my favourite styles.I have only done them in the green spring colours but I am very very tempted to also paint two in autumnal colours.

Not only did I paint the two greenman elves I also painted a Bride and Groom set for Week 10 of the year long challenge. We have a family wedding at the  end of the month and I wanted to make a pair of elves for the bride. 

The Green Men elves will be in my ETSY shop next week and I will also be painting some new elves next week. 

Until next time

Vic xx


  1. Oh wow, the green man elves are stunners! You've outdone yourself Vic :D