Monday, 16 March 2015

New painted Items and More Elves

I found some small wooden shapes in a local shop and I knew they would be brilliant to paint and sell. So I bought four mushrooms, two acorns and an apple, the apple and one mushroom I painted up for my Mum for Mothers day and they were my make for the year long challenge.

Handpainted apple & mushroom

Mum loved them and they look great next to the Cloth Art Doll I made for her birthday. The other mushrooms I painted in purple, brown and green. 

handpainted mushrooms

The Acorns I decided to paint one in browns and the other in greens.

handpainted acorns

So I also painted a couple of Cornish Pixie Elf family sets, I painted a Campervan set which I've been meaning to make for a long while. I really didn't want them to be VW Campervans as I was worried about copyright so I went for a more generic design. 

campervan pixie elves

The second set I wasn't sure what to paint on them I thought a flower might be nice. The Daisy came into my head and I tried it out an the tiny pixie elf and it looked great so the others ended up with a daisy on their bodies. 

daisy pixie elves

 I'm really please with both sets and I feel more flowers and more detailed elves being made at some point.

The Pixie elves, mushrooms and acorns are available in my Etsy shop, I have extended my processing times for a short while as I have to go into hospital for a day and then I have to rest for a bit. But I have some help so there shouldn't be any delay in sending out any orders.

See you next time.