Monday, 13 April 2015

Catching Up

Hello and sorry I've been away longer than I expected, the op went okay but I also lost my Mojo / Muse. But its back just in time as I've sold a couple of dolls recently and I need some new ones in my shop. With the loss of the mojo I also got behind with the year long challenge so unfortunately I've missed a week. But I have some new Cornish Pixie Elves to show and I'm really pleased with them.

Cornish Pixie elves

These two were inspired by the decorative bird boxes I painted. The flowers remind me of old fashioned roses. The elves were already part of a family set I had retired, so they just needed a bit of decoration. 

Cornish Pixie elves

The Topiary Elf was inspired by some garden ideas I had sketched in my ideas book. It was nearly a watering can elf but for some reason the flowering topiary tree won.

Cornish Pixie elves

I also wanted to make some more Maritime / Nautical elves and I decided on and anchor design with a blue background and a red hat. It turned out better than I expected. 

So this week its back behind the sewing machine as I have mermaids and more in my head all desperate to be brought to life in cloth form.

See you soon
Vic xx

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