Friday, 11 April 2014

Back to Glass

I have been really struggling with making beads at the moment, mainly because my head is full of dolls and elves and to be honest my lampwork mojo would desert me while at the torch so I would come in with just a couple of beads in the kiln. I have to admit I was considering packing all my lampworking supplies away or even selling them. I mentioned it to my mum that I was considering packing it in and she gave me a bit of a pep talk and told me how much she likes my glass beads. She really inspired me to get back behind the torch ,so instead of painting some elves last week I ended up lighting my torch and just having fun melting glass. First I made some shells one was Ivory with purple rose frit I liked it but I loved the second shell the best olive green with another frit. I also made a couple of mushrooms and I will give them to my Mum as a gift for Easter. 

I did eventually get to paint a couple of new elves and I decided to use the legend of King Arthur and Merlin as inspiration.

And of course I no have a few more legend that might become brilliant elves, Robin Hood and Maid Marion for instance would be great fun.

Until next time

Vic xx

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