Monday, 10 February 2014

Stormy Weather

We have been a bit battered with the storms here on the North Cornish Coast. Luckily the only damage we had in our village was the phone line coming down in a farmers field, which meant no phone or internet for a few days. I did make me realise how much we use the internet in our lives now, even my children had to delay doing their homework as we couldn't get online to check what had been set. 
Back in January I mentioned about the weather and how stormy it has been, it has felt like a conveyer belt of storms since December, and there is more to come. Yesterday we decided it was time to take the dog out for a run on the beach. This was the first time we had been down to Duckpool since our Christmas Eve walk, and I have been interested to see the changes to it and took my camera with me. 

Duckpool, Morwenstow

We had heard that all the sand has gone but that happens sometimes in the winter and usually a storm in the spring brings the sand back. 

Some of the cliff top on the largest part of the beach has slipped into the sea at some point and some of the stones have gone too but as the tide was just going out I couldn't really tell how much had gone. 

 The wind was full of salt so I had to clean the camera lens and my glasses a bit and it was getting cold so we decided to head back home. I did also try to find some small pieces of driftwood while there but there wasn't much but I did find a couple of small pieces. We have another challenge on the Craft Pimp forum using found objects and thought driftwood would be ideal for what I have in mind. 

Until next time
Victoria xx