Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Art Doll Round Robin

Last year I joined an Art Doll Facebook Group, it was set up so we could create a Round Robin Doll. Which basically meant that you create part of a doll each time then post off to the next person. As I like a challenge I thought I'd give it a try especially after seeing the first set of dolls they made. So I joined a small group of them and my first part to make was the head.

Painted art doll head
hand painted doll head

As always I like to challenge myself and I've always wanted to see if I could paint it instead of using pencils. So I got out my Acrylic paints and painted her face, it took a little time but I was pleased with how she turned out.  She then got posted off to another member and I received a head from some one else, so a body could be made and attached. These were then sent off and I added arms to the next doll, after that it was legs, clothes and finally hair.  It was lovely seeing each of the stages in the group as we added photos of what we had done. The finished dolls look amazing and I loved mine when I saw her picture, but I she was even more amazing when I got her back.

round robin art doll
completed doll
She's a beautiful doll and she will be placed in my bedroom when I get decorated. There will be another round robin soon but I'm busy with writing and other things that need to take priority so maybe I'll join if there is another.

round robin art doll
completed doll with hair and flower
I leave you for now and there are some more photos of the doll below.
Until next time
Vic xx

round robin art doll
Completed Doll

round robin art doll
knitted bag and flowers

round robin art doll
cute shoes