Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Photographing my dolls.

If you follow me on Tumblr, Facebook etc you may see my work in progress photos usually followed a couple of days later with the final photo shoot pictures. I have been trying to solve a issue with them, you see for my Elves, jewelery etc I use my pop up light cube / tent with a long piece of cream fabric as the background. I use the cream as it gives a nice warmth to the photos and it means my photos in my shops are similar. Well the full size dolls are too tall or the wings are too wide to fit in the light cube so I've been trying out ways to take their photos this time using my ironing board and my fabric. But first my fabric needed an iron to remove some of the creases I then took the fabric and ironing board into my conservatory as its has the best light in the house.

As you can see I pegged the fabric to the board, usually I drape the fabric over a stool in front of the board and stand / sit the doll on it but this doll hangs on a wall so she was suspended from a peg with a bit of strong thread. Unfortunately you could see the board though the fabric so I moved it around to another wall and it was a lot better.

 I would love a permanent area already set up so I can just take my photos but as space is a bit limited in my house. But this way is producing good photos which need minimal editing so I'll stick with it for a bit.

These photo collages show a selection of the photos I took of Ursula the mermaid.

until next time
Vic xx

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