Monday, 12 May 2014

Dolls and Beads

This is the second time of writing this post, I deleted the last one. So I've been busy with yet another doll, I seem to be on a roll with them so I just went with it. I decided to make the fairy from the patterns I bought recently. This doll was a little bit different to my usual patterns and it did take a lot longer, in total the fairy took 35 hours of work. Most of the work went on the decorations like a beadwork belt and jewellery for her wrists and ankles. As always I didn't really like the doll halfway through making but once the hair, wings and decorations went on she was lovely. 

ooak cloth art dollcloth art doll

I have two more dolls planned the mermaid and a troll, I got the fabric for their clothing this weekend. I just need to decide which to start first, it might be the troll as its easier than the mermaid. 

A week or so ago I made myself go and make some beads and it has taken me a least a week to get on and clean them. I decided to have a go with silver glass again, this could go very well or just be a big pile of brown mess. A few ended up in the water pot mainly an issue with the bead release but the rest they didn't turn out too bad. Some did storm and reduce a couple well refused to play, so out of a dozen beads I got a set of six and few orphans. One of the orphans has a jellyfish look so it may even be used for the mermaid doll. 

artisan lampwork glass beadsartisan lampwork glass beads

Until next time
Vic xx

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