Thursday, 5 April 2012

Its a giveaway

Yes I have decided to have a giveaway on the blog, now you have to do a little work for me, don't worry its nothing to bad just need a little marketing advice.
As you may know I make cute little Elves and some of those are in my ETSY shop, I love making them but I really want to concentrate on making limited edition ones a bit like these.

So my Question is: Should I keep making the Elves and just Limited Editions?

So for the chance to win an Elf and one of my Lampwork beads just leave a comment below, you have until Sunday 22nd April 2012 and I'll put all the names in a hat and announce the lucky winner on Monday 23rd. 

This is what you could win.

Good Luck. xxx


  1. I think your little folk are just adorable and that you should make whatever makes you happy. If making each and every one unique does that then go for it!

  2. A conundrum indeed. I struggle with this too, my advice, do what you want to do at the time of doing. Sometimes you will repeat the design to improve it, sometimes it will be perfect and uniquely one off. I love your Elves each and every one of them...and that pink one should be mine and called Princess and live in the castle that I will build at the bottom of the garden and surround it with fairy lights and put the bead on a chain and hang it around her neck as a sign of complete unique brilliance :O)

    1. Where's me comment gone? I dunnit, it was there and it's gone away, into the ether. Bet it was that Laney! Cheater.
      Right, one reiterates....keep doing the limited lovelies, cos there are people wot collect them and it gives them the chance to have lots of different elves. Especially pink ones. Called ... um ... Cherry Pie, n she can live in the little copse at the end of my garden in proper fairy style. Castle, hmph:))

    2. Well, my castle is gonna have a moat and a frog to turn into a prince and a big fluffy cat dragon, called Claude :O) and my moated castle and frog prince and Princess Elf are gonna be protected by the big numpty dragon called Defi and they are gonna eat Cherry Pie for breakfast....beat that, cheater back at ya :D x

  3. I like the idea of limitd editions or one-of-a-kinds, but they are all really little individuals aren't they - no two are the same.
    Each has his or her own personality that you have created with just a brushstroke or two!

    I do totally agree with what Jolene said though - you should make whatever makes you happy.

    Castles, copses... nah, she'd want to live inside in my little boy's bedroom with his lampie collection! ;) Being adored, not pooed on by birds or dragons!

  4. Could have sworn I was already following your blog doh, oh well I am now :o). Loving the Britains Best Elf Home battle going on above.
    I adore all of your elves and as others have said they are all unique in there own way. The new ones are totally cool the hair on them in just inspired. Mel :o) x

  5. I think you should follow your heart Vic but I also think that collectors will want to buy 'specials'. Love your little Elves.
    Little Pink is so sweet, I'd love her to come and live with me.

  6. They are ace I would do what you want to do if you feel like making specials make specials if you feel like making an elf for the sake of Mekong an elf, make an elf :)