Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year and another new craft

eek I have been so busy I haven't updated the blogs oops. So hello 2012 and from the title you may have guessed I'm enjoying another craft. I do hope this one will actually save me money, well sort of lol. I'm hopelessly addicted to stationery, notebooks in particular, my hubby got me some books on book binding and making your own books for Christmas. I was hoping to find the time over the holidays and have a go, but I was having great fun with my children. They went back to school yesterday so I now have the time.
So I made these books in the past couple of days.

The good thing was they didn't take too long to make. The black book is fabric covered, I chose the fabric because of the paper inside the cover, as you can see in this picture.

I found this paper in the box of all my paper and card from when I made cards, It has a lovely red embossed Chinese style pattern with a gold sheen. I then remembered I had some scrap fabric that would go very well. I really enjoyed making them and I will certainly make more, well I have lots of ideas for them so I will need a notebook to write those ideas down. 

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