Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Blogs and Goals

I have been meaning to recommend a blog to you all, it is written by a local lady who is a writer.
muddy lobster  I love it.

So New Year Resolutions do you make them and then end up breaking them, I used to so I don't make them any more. What I do instead is set myself goals for the year, most of those I set last year I achieved, there are a couple I didn't complete but I made progress on them. I heard someone mention on the radio yesterday about one resolution to loose weight, you expect to loose that weight straight away and you get fed up and then you've broken that resolution. That is a good example where a goal is more attainable. My children have to make resolutions at school and they we struggling so I made up one for them, "No more resolutions to break, but goals that I can make" I expect they won't use it at school but it did make them think.
I haven't set my goals for the year yet but I will do soon, right of to get some mood / inspiration boards up for well inspiration.


  1. OMG...Muddy Lobster! what a talent!! thanks for sharing, I have just coughed and spluttered my way through breakfast! As for NY resolutions...same as last year...bugger all and long may the tradition continue!

    1. Happy to share Laney, she's really funny hope she gets a book deal. x