Monday, 19 April 2010

Time for a Ring

I've finally pierced out the copper and have used the leaf I etched on a ring. Well this would be my first attempt at a ring. I used some Sterling Silver wire, the copper and I got to use my ring mandrel for the first time.
I soldered the copper leaf to part of the silver wire I had flattened slightly, the solder didn't take so I pickled the pieces and started again, I had the same result so I cleaned off the borax cone and dish, and remembered to heat the whole of the wire not just where I was soldering and success this time. Then it was shaping the ring it seemed to go well and I soldered it in position and popped it in the pickle and then had to dash to get it out, I had left some binding wire on the ring and now the ring was all copper coloured OOOPPS. But it was saved with sanding down and polishing.
I wear the ring all the time and feel pleased with my first attempt.

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