Thursday, 3 May 2018

New Art Dolls

Last week I mentioned in my last blog post about some new small Art Dolls I had made. They took a couple of weeks to make as I was busy with other things. I made a fairy, a hare / bunny and also a steampunk witch.

First we have Florence the Fairy with her basket of enchanted acorns and silver bells on her shoes. She also has a pair of glittery wings that also go with the glittery threads in her hair. 

Florence Art Doll
Next we have Thyme a Steampunk Witch, she specialises in time spells and has cogs and gears on her hat and carries a bottle of copper. 

Thyme Art Doll

And lastly we have Harriet a Hare / Bunny Art Doll who has a fluffy tail, pompoms on her shoes and a bucket of flowering plants.

Thyme Art Doll

The three dolls will be in my Etsy Shop over the next few days.
I shall be back to creating soon but I may be busy writing for a little bit before hand.

Until next time.
Vic. x

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